Bonjour beautiful! My name is Sarah, and I am a wedding photographer based in the beautiful suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Together, with my husband Rick (my amazing mostly behind the scenes assistant/ and occasional second shooter), we help to preserve memories from one of the most beautiful days of your life!


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My name is Sarah, a wedding  and newborn photographer based in the beautiful suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.



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My Obsession with the city Of lights! I f you have been following me for a little while (or even if you’ve had a quick glance at my website),  it is probably no secret that I am obsessed with all things French (and especially Paris, France). It wasn’t always this way though. My obsession with […]


April 19, 2019

Paris, France Photographer

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March 1, 2019

Little Beans First Trip to the Georgia Aquarium

Let’s Go to the Aquarium! Ever since moving to Georgia, we’ve heard how awesome the Georgia Aquarium is (I mean I think even if you don’t live in Georgia, you know it’s awesome) and we kept saying we were going to take little Bean. Well, now that she’s a year old, we thought it would be […]

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Oh man, life has been so crazy lately and I’ve done a terrible job at documenting some of my own personal memories. My husband was recently gone for 2 weeks of training for work, and that meant it was all on me to keep the kid, dog, cats, and myself alive (my husband is a […]


February 25, 2019

Tickly Attack!

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