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photographer, wife, mom


I'm Sarah, a fine art photographer obsessed with all things French! In fact, I didn't start out dreaming of being a photographer. I thought I was going to be a French teacher! But midway through graduate school, I purchased a camera "on accident," and decided it was time to get serious about this hobby of mine.

Now, 4 years later, I'm following my accidental calling as a wedding and newborn photographer (while still driving my husband nuts with my French obsession)! Speaking of my husband, he may not share my obsession with the land of amazing pastries and champagne, but he does make a wonderful assistant and occasional second shooter (when he's not at home wrangling our kiddos while I'm out capturing love stories), so you may see his handsome face from time to time!

things i love

I was brought up by a mother with a very green thumb. She grew (and still does) all sorts of beautiful flowers in the gardens all around our house, and was often creating beautiful arrangements for our home and to give to friends and family.

So I guess it was only natural that I would grow up loving having flowers (and plants for that matter) around me all the time (I seriously think my husband might kill me if I try to bring another plant into our house haha). I think a fresh bouquet of flowers can brighten up any room, and (since I don't have my mothers green thumb or eye for floral design) I have no problem going and buying flowers for my home whenever I need a little more color in my life!

Fresh Flowers

I'll be the first to admit, I didn't grow up dreaming of the perfect family (you know, 2 kids; 1 girl, 1 boy, a dog and a fenced in yard) but that's exactly the life I'm living right now, and I absolutely LOVE it! 

Seriously, if you had told me 10 years ago that this diving (sky and ocean), motorcycle riding, world traveler would settle down (a little haha) and have a beautiful family who I would love fiercely, I would have told you you were absolutely out of your mind.

My Family

Remember that world traveler thing I mentioned before? Yea, I'm obsessed with it. So much so that I left home after college to live in France (which was an utter disaster but that's a story for another day), came home from France and promptly got hired by a major airline as a flight attendant. While I'm no longer a flight attendant, my husband is a pilot and we love exploring the world whenever possible!


This is our pup Parker, a mini Goldendoodle who became part of our family right after Rick and I got married back in 2013. He was our first furbaby together, and while I post a lot more photos of our kiddos these days, he is still very much a part of our Family and you will often find him hanging out with us wherever we are! And here's a little fun fact that not many people know, he inspired my business name. Yup, the Parker in my business name is actually from him (hey, what can I say, we love our furbaby)! 

My Pup

I have a very unnatural (and probably very unhealthy if we're being honest) obsession with nutella. And while you can obviously get this stuff in the states, there is nothing like a fresh, hot banane et nutella crêpe from un crêperie right on the streets of Paris! (although I often get scolded for asking them for just a little bit more nutella haha). But believe it or not (and anyone who really knows me probably won't believe it), I actually didn't care for the stuff the first time I tried it (which was in California. And no offense to Cali, but I guess I just needed that Parisienne experience to really get it)! That's just crazy talk to me now because I can go through a big 35 oz jar in an embarrassingly short period of time (no I won't say how short haha). So while my love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch, a jar of nutella will work wonders too! 


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